PowerPoint – Using And Creating New Themes

It is highly recommended to use PowerPoint theme in order to simplify the overall process of making presentations which are highly-efficient and professional-looking. It is very easy to make your PowerPoint theme which will contain custom fonts, colors, and effects simply b starting with PowerPoint theme which is built-in and then changing the main settings. All the settings can be saved as a new PowerPoint theme in your gallery.

PowerPoint – Changing The Colors In Your Theme

In most cases, theme colors contain around four main background and text colors, two hyperlink colors and six accent colors. You should use the option “Sample” in order to see how these colors and general text font look like in your PowerPoint presentation. Such a final check is very important for settling a perfect combination of colors.

PowerPoint Presentations – Changing Fonts In Your Theme

Every time, when you are going to change the fonts in your theme, all your bullet text and titles will be undated accordingly in your PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Word – Using Layout Options For Moving Pictures

It is very easy to move or repositione pictures or other objects in Microsoft Word. In fact, it is as easy as dragging your mouse. However, sometimes you may face difficulties. Let’s say, you want to move a picture and after doing this your text gets messed up completely. Better results can be achieved clicking the icon “Layout Options”.

Pictures In PowerPoint Presentations – Cropping To Specific Shapes

In the following tutorial you will learn how to crop pictures inserted in PowerPoint presentation to a specific shape. If you ant to modify the shape of your visual or graphical content is by cropping these pictures to specific shapes. Every time when you crop your picture to a specific shape, you should keep in mind that this particular picture will be trimmed automatically. This happens in order to fill your shape geometry. This is very efficient for maintaining the major picture proportions.

PowerPoint Presentations – Aligning Pictures To Other Objects

When you work with PowerPoint presentations it is very important to know how to position and align your pictures and other graphical content on your PowerPoint slides. However, it is also possible to align different pictures to each other, as well as to other graphical object on your PowerPoint presentation. You should keep in mind that the alignment “picture to picture” is not available from the icon “Layout Options”. You can do this using the dialog box “Layout”. In fact, this is a very common task which most of PowerPoint users do when they work with aligning and positioning their graphical content.

PowerPoint Content – What Is An Anchor?

When ou work with PowerPoint presentations it is very important to understand what the anchor is. So, an anchor is an object which shows where an object or a picture is placed in relation to your text content in PowerPoint prsentations or any other kind of documents. You should keep in mind that anchors never appear for so-called inline pictures/objects which are tied to a certain place within your text content. They are tied within the place they have been inserted. You should treat them as the text character “in line with text”.