Google Slides Application – Q&A History

Do you know that Google Slides app has been built on collaboration? This is so called big change to the approach to do things together. Google Slides app has a wonderful feature called “Q&A”. This tool is very efficient and can be used by all members of your audience. It allows people to participate in mutual communication, ask various questions. This can be done via the link which will be created in an automatic way.

Google Slides Feature “Voice Type Speaker Notes”

Google Slides app is fully packed with great features. Some of them are widely used, while others are waiting to be discovered. In this tutorial we will speak about a great tool called “Voice Type Speaker Notes”.

New Features About Google Slides

More and more people start to use Google Slides. The basic features are well-known to everyone. However, if you want to make real professional presentations we should develop your skills and we are going to help you. There are some new features which you might do not know. Once you start to use these new features you will fall in love Google Slides app and it will become your favorite application. Especially this app is very practical for teachers and it can transform the way of both teaching and learning.

Android Phones – Making Presentations Anywhere

Nowadays it is possible to deliver professional presentations in a remote way. This is a great advantage for all of us and for small businesses particularly. Google has a wonderful tool which allows people to share their presentations (created in Google Slides) via Google Hangouts. When your presentation is shared like this, people from different parts of the world will be able to view your slides in real time from any part of the world.

Saving Ruined Google Slides Presentation

Sometimes an unpleasant incident may happen to your presentations. They can be ruined completely and out task is to help you save your presentation and life. Google Slides has an option “Revision History” which is quite simple but at the same time a bit time consuming. Using the feature “Revision History” you can maintain and fix most answers of your colleagues or students. This option will allow you to copy + paste correct data from different time periods of restoration. There is nothing difficult in this procedure but you can also prevent the overall situation and never let it happen again. You will have to use the app Google Slides in order to make worksheets.

Pro Skills – Google Slides

In this article you will learn some professional and advances features Google Slides can offer its users.

Using Google Slides Like Professionals

Nowadays there are lots of modern platforms for creating professional presentations. They can suit both small and business areas. However, these platforms do not work in the same way.