The Fastest Way To Remove Transitions In PowerPoint Presentations

Working with PowerPoint and transitions, you should understand that transitions are applied only to the entrance of a PowerPoint slide, and how the way it is going to exit. For example, if you want to delete the exiting effect from the second PowerPoint slide, you will need to delete the transition from the third PowerPoint slide.

Below, you will find the instructions on how to delete your transition:
  • Start with clicking PowerPoint slide where you want to see no transition at all.

  • Go to the tab “Transitions” in the gallery “Transitions” and press “None”.

    Shows Transitions on the Ribbon in PowerPoint

  • As you can see now, if your PowerPoint slide does not have a transition, it appears as the second slide disappears.

  • In order to remove transitions from all PowerPoint slides in your entire presentation, you have to press “Apply to All” after pressing “None”.

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